Science of “Garbha Sanskar” (Fetal Education through parents)

Garbha Sanskar is a science of developing a multi-talented, multi-faceted and most importantly a cultured new generation, which is need of the hour for the society.

“Garbh Sanskar” is something which will remain with baby throughout his life and lead him to live healthy and successful life in all aspects. This is art of living, taught by parents to infant in womb itself. This is knowledge / art of living goes from mother’s instinct to infant’s instinct and whatever goes to baby during these nine months takes shape and happens in child’s life in future. These nine months are the first period of school for baby. During these nine months’ baby learns from mother and things happening nearby every single moment. Its responsibility of expecting parents to teach and train baby in womb school itself, so he/she can play his/her best role on stage of this world.

The objective behind Garbha Sanskar

  • To welcome the fetus in the womb.
  • To impart Sanskar (Values) to the fetus.
  • To boost courage and confidence of pregnant mother, for normal delivery.
  • To increase the active participation of the would be father during pregnancy.

Manahshakti Prayog Kendra with support of Ashraya welfare association is doing this activity on 2nd Sunday of every month.